Asian Pacific Ministries

Daniel Botabara, Director of the Asian-Pacific Ministries

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Pastor Dan Botabara's experience as a pastor and soul-winner spans more than 30 years in the Philippines and United States. Pastor Botabara pastored in his native Philippines for 17 years, then in Illinois at the Hinsdale Filipino Church. He came to the Central California Conference in 2001 as Senior Pastor of the San Jose Filipino Church.

In 2005 his parish expanded when he became CCC's Director of Asian-Pacific Ministries. "I'm the pastor to our Asian and Pacific pastors and their families," he explains. "Whenever they have needs or challenges, they come to me and I help them find solutions."

His responsibilities for the conference include oversight of the 28 Asian Pacific churches, companies and church plants and supervision of their 18 pastors. He finds new pastors when needed, participates in several conference committees, and assists pastors with evangelism, church issues, and discipline. All that in addition to his regular duties at the San Jose Filipino church!

"My passion is for evangelism and biblical preaching," states Pastor Botabara, who divides his preaching each month between his home church and the 28 congregations under his care. "I love to get in touch with people, I love to preach and give Bible studies, and I love to see people get baptized."

Pastor Botabara is married to Evelyn, a registered nurse. Their daughter Stephanie is law school graduate, and their son Kyle is junior at Monterey Bay Academy. Pastor Botabara keeps in shape through regular games of tennis. He also loves to travel; he recently went to Israel and has plans to visit Turkey soon.

His favorite scriptures are John 3:16-17 and 1 John 1:9. "I like them because they are gospel centered. They show us that we cannot save ourselves, but that God is always willing to forgive and accept."